Eynon Custom Surfboards

Eynon Custom Surfboards

The Building Process

If you have any questions about the technical specifications of our surf boards, please consult the NEW Surf Board Index

Having been raised by a father that surfed it was easy for me to be involved in the sport of surfing at a young age. When I moved out of my parent's house at the age of 18, I started a ding repair business out of a garage I was renting.

  Surfing - Custom Surboard - Black & White - Short Board
This later led me to get hired on by a large surfboard manufacturer. As a result I have worked in every phase of production as a board builder.

Along the way I have had the chance to learn the art of shaping from some of the biggest names in the industry. Working for several different factories has not only given me the ability to develop the skill of shaping but also a diverse reference to work from.

Today working as a ghost shaper has allowed me to build up enough of a following in Southern California to launch my own label - Eynon Surfboards. It is my goal to build custom boards to the needs and desires of each surfer based on their style, size, and level of skill.


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